Digital Storytelling / Movies / Slideshow Links

Storytelling Basics:

Storyboarding Resources:

Software for Recording and Mixing Audio:

  • GarageBand - Apple's really easy to use software with which you can record your voice, create your own audio using "loops" and mix the two of them together. You could also take existing audio and mix in "voice-over" with that audio. All Macs have GarageBand installed.
  • Recording Audio with GarageBand - Just the basics on how to get sound into GB

Tips for Audio Recording :

Great Audio (As Inspiration):

  • - Amazingly good audio documentaries by an independent production company dedicated to telling stories that bring neglected American voices to a national audience
  • American RadioWorks - ARW is public radio's largest documentary production unit; it creates documentaries, series projects, and investigative reports for the public radio system and the Internet.

Resources for Music for your Story:

Software for Authoring Your Story (Primary Options):

  • PhotoToMovie - Sort of like iMovie, but without the video capabilities. A very powerful, yet easy-to use tool for making motion (with audio) out of still photographs (Mac & Win).

Other (Secondary) Story Authoring Options:

  • ProShow Gold - A Windows only software package that's sort of like iMovie, but doesn't do video, just animated still images
  • The 2.5D Effect - Add motion to still images

Examples of Digital Storytelling Movies & Slideshows:

  • Stories by Dana Atchley - The guy who first showed me the power of sound and images was Dana Atchley. You'll need to click on the movie screen to play the movies. Use the links at the bottom of the page to select a few of his other stories.
  • Center For The Story Example Stories - some of the best stories from the Center for the Story
  • Ted Kooser - A great video about creativity by Straw Hat Media
  • Gardyn - This uses video, not still images, but it could easily have been done with stills and the incredible sounds that the creator has recorded and mixed together.
  • The Fallen - A moving and interesting piece about Robert Kennedy's funeral from the New York Times
  • The Photography Channel - Photographic Storytelling for Electronic Media... these are very strong examples of what's possible
  • Magnum Photographers In Motion - A nice set of Magnum photographers' photographs. Also available as a Podcast here.
  • Couple Lacks Sight, Not Vision - A Soundslides example with voice over
  • Wrestling - Pro wresting mixing music and on-site recorded sound
  • Dulcimer Festival - Nice mix of images and sound
  • Punk in Drublic - Check out all the different formats that this presentation is available in. Note the very cool use of a stationary camera and moving subjects
  • Life Through Time - Franz Lantig's and engaging work in a beautifully told story format
  • Media Storm - Brian Storm's Media Storm website is one of the best storytelling sites around
  • Soul of Athens - Great stories about Athens, OH
  • 16:Moments - Though not a "photo" story, take a look at how well this piece works with sound and image
  • Bastardo Dot Biz - One of the best projects a student has ever done - by Courtney Penzato